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June 18, 2012 | 1 Comment

Well, here it is… My packing list for my clothes. You know, I really have not bought any clothes much in the last few years…but I am always making dresses. Just finished 2 new dresses for this years trip. (you will notice no pants/trousers/slacks(whatever you call them) and no shorts) I need to raid my wardrobe to see if there are any alternatives…. .much prefer to wear a dress any day in summer or if not a skirt) I need to raid my wardrobe to see if there are any alternatives to these….

There is only one reason why it is really nice not to be going to the UK this year during July… I don’t have to pack my winter gear as well (ok… Cheap shot I know, I know!) Actually I am very upset not to make it to Scotland, and not to make it back to Cardiff and Newcastle this year….

If you haven’t already realised this I am a creature of habit… And do the same things (and wear the same things) and go the same places over and over…so going to Dominican Republic is a whole new adventure!

Stay tuned for exciting bag developments….

1 Comment

  • Tascarini says:

    How do you manage to carry all of your artsy stuff and sketch wherever in your dresses? Do you bring a chair, mat, or other seating… and are your art supplies in your pockets or a backpack or something else? I wanted to go with y'all to the symposium this year but other things got in the way. Maybe next year. BTW I look forward to your posts. Thank you for sharing your art

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