Unexpected sketching opportunity

June 21, 2012 | 2 Comments

Another, unexpected waiting room sketch (I added the drippy colour from my waterbrush later) …I know some (most!) of you will read my notes… No need to go into the details (little accident is all that it was) but some days I can not help being overwhelmed by the amazing way things work out – Psalm 32.16 says it all for me today!

1: as a page, it might have looked better without the psalm quote… But of course the text is the most important thing about this page. (a RECORD of the event… Yes, once again proof that I am a recorder more than an imager maker)
2: do love my indian orange ink
3:(looks like I am doing more than 2 comments)… Just for the record, I didn’t use grid lines for my text for this page
4: I am an architect, and therefore writing in CAPS does not equal shouting… However if CAPS represent signing loudly then it is appropriate
5: For any that are interested the quote is from the 1650 Scottish Metrical Psalter which is what we sing from at church ..and I LOVE it
6: Watercolour pencils are perfect for waiting room sketches as they are dry and you can stop, close your book and appear ready at the drop of the hat… AND can still use water later
7: My new pen/pencil holder worked a treat…
8: Too many comments I know…I AM going… But I would like to point out how much stuff is associated with a simple 5 minute sketch like this one and how great it is to record it in a sketchbook/journal… OK!!! That its I AM REALLY going now!!!!!


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