Recent Sketches: Experimenting every day!

March 31, 2023 | 3 Comments

I’m more than halfway through my new sketchbook (Volume 169) and so it’s time to share some of my other recent sketches!

You might have noticed that I’m sketching in the City a lot lately and it’s been really wonderful to get back to more complex scenes. But I’m still doing my everyday sketches in Lindfield and when I go out for daily chores or appointments.

The sketches and pages in this article tell a story of the progress of my experiments over the last few weeks…


The first sketch in the book was a colourful sketch of the Spanish Mission building in Lindfield on a really drab wet day.

More layering of colour at Goodfields on another wet day.

My first experiment of adding shapes to a continuous line drawing – done on the train using coloured pencils.

Another exploration of line and shape using ink, marker and coloured pencil and a little watercolour.

Back at Goodfields – just marker and coloured pencils.

A bit of everything! Freedom Furniture store.

And the usual playing with colour while sipping my morning coffee in the Village Green.

Trying coloured lines (yellow marker)

And this morning… I decided to leave my sketch in its first-pass state! Marker, coloured pencil and neocolor.

And here are photos of most of my recent double-page spreads.

Note: you’ll see some teacup sketches scattered throughout. None of these relate directly to my new course (see more about it here) but as I’m in a big teacup mood I’m doing all kinds of different things in my daily sketching.

I’m having way too much fun at the moment with colour, line and shape! Can you tell?


  • Ingrid H. says:

    Hi Liz,
    just want to mention I’m a big fan of your way to combine watercolor with crayons or markers (e.g. in your living room sketch). In my eyes this brings an additional looseness and dynamic to your sketches which is very inspiring for me. Love it.

  • Judith Barker says:

    You asked for our experience of Neocolor (I can’t find whereabouts). I find them a good tool for taking out of doors (Urban Sketchers etc) as an easy way of painting without paint boxes, water pots, etc. I have a small tin of crayons and 2 waterbrushes, and use the crayons as if they were paint pans. It’s more unobtrusive, easier to carry, and less daunting for those of us who aren’t confident with paint.

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