EDinMay: Something Hot

May 5, 2015 | 2 Comments

Well, I promised you I wouldn’t do tea…so it had to be my hot roast dinner tonight. As something different, I did this with various inks – I used 5 different pens. This is the first time I have used multi-coloured inklines in a hot meal sketch and as I suspected it is a bit too challenging. I still managed to eat my meal hot but I rushed my sketch. Using different inks is better when I have time to go slow.

My preferred hot meal technique is:
1.  to throw down paint first and then add line over the top(using watercolour pencil) or
2. start with watercolour pencil coloured outlines with texture and then paint later.

And as you can see, I did combine the two days sketches and add text so that the spread as whole works together. Today’s curtain isn’t quite the same as yesterdays … my techniques can never be copied exactly!

Ok, my first rule/goal has already been broken on Day 5! Oh well!

Next thing I will probably end up doing is missing a day (due to busy-ness and then have to catch up). But that is ok!

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