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May 4, 2015 | 2 Comments

 Catching up on a few days worth of challenges – I have already made a few decisions about how I am going to tackle it (and also expect I will bend my own rules).
The push of drawing things I normally wouldn’t draw has been great! I am also enjoying following the flickr and facebook groups (links below) even more than I expected to.  it is SO inspiring and motivating and fun!

Saturday: EDiM02 Draw a nearby tree
The turpentine tree in the middle of the backyard. Most of what I experience of this tree is just the huge straight trunk and can only see the bottom branches (on the right). There are a lot of dark trees in the neighbour’s property behind the fence – the ‘lap and cap’ is very dark due to the heavy rain this afternoon. I had fun playing with values in this sketch.
I had intended to use watercolour, but well, I knew as soon as I started that it would be ink only.
Drawn with my Sailor Pen 55deg Fude nib, De Atramentis Mixed grey Ink (blue, brown and a little dilution solution).

Monday: EDiM03 A Curtain and EDiM04 Bottle(s) of herbs or spices
Because Sunday is a day of rest and worship, I have two challenges to do on Monday. I picked a random collection of bottles/ containers from the spice rack and then drew in the background a very retro macrame lace curtain that has special significance to me. BTW these days macrame is very cool!

I was happy with the ‘erb bottles (aside: why do you Americans ignore the H????) and some of the crazy effects of using a spray bottle under and over my ink for my curtain. The raw sienna ink that I recently mixed was a little yellow … and well really the curtain is beige so I have made it look very more retro. And overall the composition is not doing it for me. I have refrained from adding text at the moment and am thinking about continuing the composition across the spread to include the next challenge/s… I am going to enjoy extending this tomorrow!

Note: this was draw with a variety of different De Atramentis inks – brown. mixed raw sienna (yellow and brown) mixed grey, black, magenta, dark green and a mixed light green … I think I got a little carried away with how many today.

A few thoughts that I had this morning about what my goals/rules might be for EDinMay15:
1. I want to be experimental as much as I can (not doing ‘ink and wash’ in a standard way) and that I will be focusing on using coloured inks.
2.  I want to keep my sketches contained to a single page of my Alpha 9 x 6 book so that they look like a set
3. I often get bored drawing single isolated objects so I want to combine a few days into a single composition or think of a way to tell more of a story.

As you can see from the comments about today’s sketch, point 2 and 3 are potentially conflicting. Oh well! BUT it does prove something to me, that doing a project that you work on over a number of days opens the door to new stuff. And new stuff is always good! (hmm, ‘stuff’?… I am being very descriptive, aren’t I?)

So stay tuned with what I end up doing with this page for the next challenge ‘something hot’ (and try not to draw hot tea!)

This is part of a daily sketching challenge during the month of May… it is not too late to join (just start with the challenge for today and then catch up if you can)
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  • LoL Liz! Some people in the US do say the 'H', others do not. I do not. The French pronunciation also ignores the 'H'. Love your pages, especially the tree!

  • Liz Steel says:

    thanks – I loved doing the tree too. As for the H… I know I have to live with it being missing!

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