Edges Group Run-through including 8 weekly livestreams

June 3, 2021 | 1 Comment

I’m super excited to announce that I’m hosting a big 8-week Group Run-through for SketchingNow Edges, starting next week, Wednesday 09 June.

During this period, I’ll be active in the classroom and also doing weekly live Q&A sessions to interact with the group, answer questions and do some new demos. These livestreams are being added to the course for free and anyone who has signed up for Edges at any time can attend them.

The livestreams are a great way to get real-time answers and hang out with an amazing group of sketchers from around the world. Oh! there are no words to describe how much I love the SketchingNow gang and being with them during these livestreams.

Edges was the second course that I put together and was the result of realizing that thinking about edges is the secret weapon when it comes to working in ink and wash. It picks up on some important concepts from Foundations and develops them further.

In Foundations we learn how to draw and how to see the world in edges, shapes and volumes.
In Edges we think about how to make decisions about line and colour.

So many sketchers tell me that they find it hard not to draw every little detail in ink. They don’t know when to stop! Can you relate to this?

In the Edges course I share a framework that will help this issue – and it comes down to thinking about edges!

One of the big messages of the course is to reduce the number of lines in our sketch and make our paint do more of the work. For example, creating texture in watercolour rather than drawing every detail.

And in fact, we even look at removing our lines altogether and work directly in watercolour. Perfect timing for the 30×30 Direct Watercolour challenge hey?

I really love the content in this course as it contains the concepts that I am constantly using when I sketch in ink and wash. It covers a very broad range of subject matter – sketching monuments, scenes with layers of trees and landscaping, streetscapes, workspaces, houses, food, teacups and even sketching faces.

In 2019 I added a lot of bonus videos so if you haven’t visited the classroom for a few years there is more stuff for you to check out.

In Edges we look at how to make decisions about which are the important edges in our scene, how to differentiate between hard and soft, weak and strong edges and how to prioritise our lines and our tones. One of my favourite topics to talk about (as it’s so essential to my work) is lost and found edges. And this is included in this course as well!

Edges contains both indoor and outdoor exercises (one week is indoor, the next week is outdoor). If you are unable to get out to do the on-location exercises sketching from photos is fine!

Edges also contains a Tea Break in each lesson where I show how the concepts apply to my teacup sketching. Just for fun! Hmm, maybe I could do a teacup demo or two in the livestreams! 🙂

I’ll be working along with the group and sharing my work in the weekly livestreams. And I will also be reviewing the work done during my recent road trip and sharing these with the group too. Ah! it’s going to be so much fun.

With all my other SketchingNow courses, doing an Edges Group Run-through is a special event and one that might not be repeated again for a year or so! So if you are interested in the course please consider joining us.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the course.

And before you ask…

– All my SketchingNow Courses have lifetime access.
– If you purchased Edges previously, you will have free access to this Group Run-through – please visit your Edges classroom (via My Courses) and you will find the instructions for joining.

I’m really looking forward to going through the lessons again with an inspiring group of sketchers!

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1 Comment

  • Thanks so much for your most interesting trip postings. I enjoyed all of them!
    I’ve completed 1 of your courses, and half of another and enrolled (but didn’t start yet) the Sketchbook course. I’m finding I don’t like my sketchbook paper for watercolor, but tend to paint on pieces of Arches 140 lb then attaching it to my sketchbook. Not really ideal, but better results. Thanks again, Barbara from California

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