Sharing my teacups with others and sketching them again

April 26, 2024 | 8 Comments

One of the lovely things about my new home is that my teacups (and teapots) are now on display. Not only are they much easier to get to (previously they were just stacked in piles inside a kitchen cupboard) but my teacup wall unit is just so nice to look at and I enjoy the abundance of colour and pattern.

In addition, my guests have loved picking out a cup to drink from. My eldest niece who is now 12 had her first ‘sleepover at Auntie Liz’s place’ this week and she had so much fun creating combos for us (her cup, my cup and a teapot to match).  The photo above shows one of her selections!

I didn’t have time to sketch it  (she chose three of the hardest patterns in my collection) but I’m sharing this photo as it also shows my teacup wall unit in the background. (I’ll do a separate article on it in the coming weeks!)

I’m also starting to do some teacup sketching again. It’s been a long time and I’m a little rusty. My timing has to be just right in order to get the watercolour magic I’m after but it’s always fun to paint ellipses, lively shadow washes and combine colours in complex patterns.

Now that my teacups are on display it’s much easier to change my teacups daily so that is what I plan to do in the next number of weeks. And it’s perfect timing as I’m hosting a Live Version of my Teacups – starting on Wednesday 15 May!

I’ll share more about this Live Version next week but if you have already purchased the course you can find out all the details on the Teacups classroom homepage. Simply go to the classroom via My Account/My Courses at

If you have any questions about the course please let me know in the comments section below or email us via the SketchingNow contact form here.

The Live Version of Teacups last year was very special! Doing a deep dive into one object (teacups) we learnt lots of important sketching skills that relate to many other subjects. Find out about the Teacups course here – and keep an eye out for more details next week.


  • Lois Courtright says:

    The Teacups course is a game changer!

    SO FUN to share original watercolor teacup/coffee cup sketches and scripture with friends and family on greeting cards!


    Thank you Liz for the instruction and inspiration!!!


  • David Campbell says:

    Your niece has excellent taste! Look forward to seeing these cups again — and so many teapots. Who knew!?

  • Jamie C says:

    How wonderful to be able to display your collection! Making it so much easier to sketch your teacups! I’m so happy for the upcoming teacups class! Gotta pull out my own teacup collection from storage! lol!

  • Monique Van Der Ster says:

    What a GREAT teacups-cupboard you have!!! Love it!! I’m still loving the teacups-course, it’s been more than a year since i’ve joined and i didn’t find the time to finish it properly. Life got in the way too many times. I’m so happy with the lifetime access?? I admire your consistancy of sketching every day, it’s such an inspiration to many of us-including me?. I’ll start all over again thus 15th of may.. meanwhile i AM painting whenever i can, but my sketchbook-habits are lousy. Your post got me all inspired again!! Thanxxx dear Liz?

    • Liz Steel says:

      Thanks Monique – makes me so happy to read that one of my posts can inspire others. Yes lifetime access – it will be there when you have time. Hope yo see you in the Live Version?

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