Daily Sketch: Two important tubes

June 25, 2014 | 1 Comment

One of things that I have been thinking about lately is to really make a conscious effort to ensure that my daily sketch is relevant to the days events. Obviously when I am sketching on location that is a given. But on the days when I am working all day and don’t get out of the house (my ‘studio’ is just a room in my home) I want to somehow describe one aspect of the day through my sketch.

I have no doubt that this sketch will remind me in years to come of what I have experienced in the last few days….I like the way I can make a colourful sketch out of recording pain and discomfort (caused by new metal on my teeth!)

Working neat(ish) and slow(ish) but allowing the watercolour to merge into each other… have I mentioned recently how much I love watercolour???

1 Comment

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