More colour experiments, adding elements and creating contained compositions

January 25, 2023 | 4 Comments

Time to bring you up to date with my sketching and sketchbook pages from the last few weeks.

I’ve been…

  • continuing with my mixed media experiments – every day I try something slightly different
  • visiting Lane Cove National Park a bit more regularly and getting back to some FLora ID
  • enjoying my new sketch&walk routine and doing quick sketches in a toned sketchbook while standing up
  • adding elements to my pages (Lesson 1 of Sketchbook Design) and
  • creating some contained compositions (Lesson 2 of Sketchbook Design)

Here are a few individual sketches…

Lane Cove National Park sketch using tombows and a little pink added to tie this sketch with a cuppa sketch on the other side of the spread (see below)
A few leaves and gumnuts.

Tombow, watercolour pencil and watercolour experiments

I really enjoyed this quick sketch of a local church done standing up. And on the right mixing markers (GoldFaber Aquas) with coloured pencil on the toned grey paper

And another shape-based Village Green sketch.

Here are photos of all my recent pages…

Trying lots of fun layout ideas. My sketchbook is truly my playground for experiments at the moment and that makes me happy.

Looking forward to catching up with the Sketchbook Design group in our next livestream. If you are doing the course, I hope that you’re going to enjoy creating contained compositions in the coming weeks!


  • Kathryn McGuinness says:

    Hi Liz, I am loving your mixed medium sketches. The subtle colors coming from behind and layers create such a nice intensity and glow. Thank you for posting so much of your work. It is so generous and inspires and motivates me daily. Thanks for the contained compositions too! 🙂

  • Kimbi says:

    Thank you for sharing your sketchbook Liz. I learnt so much from it. I’ve applied some of the layouts to my book, I’m using a regular ruled notebook at the moment. I have to say it has really helped me keep the drawings I do and the text organised. I’m grateful for it. This week I took my journal everywhere with me. it was so much better to draw everything on location.

  • Jamie C says:

    The flow between your pages with the design elements is really nice! You can tell I’m in Sketchbook Design right now! Ha! Loving it!

    • Liz Steel says:

      Yes, I’m having a LOT of fun at the moment and loving having you in the Sketchbook Desgin Live Version 🙂

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