Everyday in May this year!

May 21, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

A little late…but I am IN! Everyday in May starts today for me!

EDiM15 Draw a pencil … well maybe I got carried away.
I am doing what I told my class today they had to do – work out how their watercolour pencils come out dry and wet and mixed.
On the left is my old standard collection which is what I recommend for my classes…but funny enough I lately have developed a very odd collection of different pencils – the only two being the same is the burnt sienna and ultramarine (funny that hey?)
I am REALLY tired but somehow doing this loose sketch was a great way to wind down and give me a little thinking time.

EDiM16 Something that scares you
…. how can tubes of watercolour paint SCARE me!?!

…it is the number of them that I have- and all the ones I still want to try.

Some are because I am trying to refine my palette and make the best selections – the colours that will mix the most number of different colours and that work well with lots of water, that never go muddy etc.

Others are because I just love colour and want to try something new. In recent weeks I have been introduced to more “must try’ paints in the Daniel Smith range… I don’t need to… but well I would like to!

I can assure you one thing… if a paint makes its way into a half pan and then into my rectangular palette (which holds up to 30 pans- mixture or half and full) that is sitting on my drawing board in my studio…it will be used!! I have really been mixing up the paints I use lately (and noting which colour I use in my sketchbook) But apart from the tube of moon glow I bought the other week – splurging on new watercolour paints is just not something that I will be doing at the moment. Trying Daniel Smith dot cards…on the other hand….

Just for the record this pile, in fact, is the current selection that am I using..so these actual tubes don’t scare me one bit- they are like old friends!!…it is late in the day so I had to think of something…..

EdiM 17 – something from a first aid kit
my goal for the EDiM challenges this year is to try to make my subjects as relevant to my life at the moment as I can… ie. not draw random objects. So today’s item form a first aid kit is some sport tape that is very much part of my life at the moment. It helps a lot! I get bored with drawing single objects (well unless it is a tea cup!) some a little bit of collage today as well!

EDiM 18 Palm of my right hand
EDiM 19 Something belonging to someone else
 Such a different thing to be doing commission work for others rather than such playing in my sketchbook… got to get in the mood and then START!
So just to warm up I quickly did today and tomorrows EDiM (I don’t sketch on Sunday so need to get ahead) The blue fireplace detail in the background is part of what I am about to paint… ok here goes… sigh, deep breath, I can do it!

EDiM 20 Your favourite Drink

Groan…another tea cup… but what I am supposed to do when the challenge for today is draw your favourite drink… I couldn’t possibly draw anything else could i? So added some silly notes about what I was thinking about while I was drawing it. Actually this is quite a bit larger than my normal size in this sketchbook… every cuppa sketch is different!

EDiM21 – Last thing I bought

Sorry – another paint theme EDiM. The last thing I bought was food but it is all eaten… so I had to go back to Friday’s visit to the Artscene!

This sketch started out as a controlled ink and pitt pen grey tonal study of my empty pans… (yes my current paint tin has a combination of half and full pans) but then I just realised that I haven’t scraped or splashed for a while… and I sure was in the mood for it! SO MUCH FUN! Particularly the scraping part…

I think I need to make sure that I remember to scrape more regularly!

Some random notes (thanks to Jenn for the new ‘credit card’ – this was its first use!) and I also had a wonderful few hours with Helen from Melbourne and some really special botanical artists. Was talking to Beth about making sure that there was joy in her work.





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