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May 17, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

There is a lot I could write on this subject… but this week I was reminded of this fact during my preparation for my sketching class – we were looking at lines and the interface between colour and line (ha! I can’t just look at line without thinking about colour can I???). In going through my work I came across a series of sketches I did as part of a great online course with Cathy Johnson on watercolour pencils. You can see the full set from this course here.

Three things about the content of these posts: (continue reading below to read the original posts)

  1. amazing to see that back in 2009 I was already experimenting with mixing watercolour and watercolour pencil
  2. taking away my inklines was not something that can happen immediately – I was pushing and trying it for a few years before they disappeared. I think part of this has to do with the confidence in colour
  3. the impact that the line had on my colour is fascinating!

Three things about blogging and your creative journey:

  1. Firstly I must say that keeping a journal of my life has been an enormous help to the development of my art. The desire to record my life gives me a reason and incentive for sketching and also has an inherent narrative nature which helps in the mind set of ‘process rather than product’. Each single sketch is part of a story and is therefore valuable whatever the ‘success’ of the work is at the time. AND I see blogging as an extension of it. An opportunity for me to record just a little bit more of that journey (ok- some days I write a little bit more than a little bit!) I see the whole online posting process as the final part of my work of art, not as something extra that I have to find time for. I think my background as an architect and the daily discipline of finishing a drawing, scanning or pdfing it and then emailing to the client with description/questions explains a lot of my efficiencies in blogging. It is a discipline that is ingrained in me.
  2. Blogging about the process of the sketch is incredibly useful – once again it helps to reinforce the creative journey aspect of the work – it also helps with the learning side and discipline of self critique. Not stressing about ‘success or failure’ (how do you know at the time which is which???) but trying to take away something from the experience for next time. Coming back on these posts is then a really rewarding experience.
  3. I primarily blog for myself- in the sense that I am recording my thoughts experiences of that moment…just like a diary. In one sense I don’t care if no one sees it or comments because it is there for me to re-visit and it is part of my process (are you sick of me mentioning this?) BUT of course the fact that I am sharing this with others, that so many of you comment and follow and are return ‘hits’ has been an incredible motivation for me and encouragement.

SO here is another opportunity to say THANKS for coming along and sharing my journey with me.

Link to the original article about these sketches

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