Bungalow In Water Soluble ink

March 15, 2013 | 1 Comment

A little time to fill in before going to the gym- so nice to get out on the streets to do a sketch. Halfway through this sketch I realised that the ink in the pen I was using was water-soluble. It was interesting how I then had to stop and think – how will this change my lines? It did! This was actually very helpful because I realised that you do ‘have to’ do different linework from when it is permanent ink. Actually, I take my ‘have to’ back… you never have to do anything on your page.. so let me re-phrase.

It made me think where I wanted to utilise the black ink – where I thought I could cope with black murking up my colours and where I should use it sparingly to help preserve lightness. Of course I also have the decision of whether there are any areas to keep dry. Fun exercise.

BTW for those that read my notes I meant “without physio approval” – not ‘with ‘

BTW2 – I was talking to friends this week about adding notes next to your sketches… I find that it works best for me when I am drawing and have the pen in my hand. Normally after lines are finished and before I start to paint. For some reason, I ‘talk to myself’ a lot more when I am drawing rather than painting. This particular occasion I write my notes mid- sketch and that was when I realised what ink I was using.

1 Comment

  • Actually had the same issue myself recently, where I thought I was using a permanent ink…turned out Not!..but in fact the painting looked better for it, somehow the merging bits gave it a relaxed loose look that I could never have achieved with permanent ink. Lucky accident. Your bungalow painting is very inspiring, like how the ink has gone and I also like that you draw across two pages.

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