Brown Lines and a relaxing Friday night

November 8, 2014 | 5 Comments

Just loving my De Atramentis document brown ink.
It is quite strange to draw brown lines after all the 1000s of pages of black lines over the years. While drawing the lines it feels like it will look wrong – too brown… but when I add the colour it changes and oh! I am loving it a lot. (I am a big fan of brown generally)

I am also amazed that 2 pens which never worked well are loving the DeA Brown as well. My Sailor pen and a Noodlers Ahab.

Last night I tried to have a night off and sat down to watch some cricket and sketch at the same time… this page just randomly evolved – composition wise and colour wise. I was playing with wetness too – a lot of wetness.

And here is the full double page spread.


  • Love the greens. I too am a fan of brown.

  • Diane says:

    I am so excited about the foundations course. My Daniel Smith paints came yesterday and I will try to start getting familiar with them this week. I decided to buy them because I have a hodgepodge of paints I have picked up over time and really do not know how to make them work together. I thought six colors is a manageable number. I can start to learn how they mix and work on the paper. Looking forward to late next week…

  • Glad you are enjoying the Document Brown Liz. I love it. Such a good mid-toned warmish brown. And a Document grey in the pipeline – yay! I'll be able to ditch my permanent markers and just use fountain pens soon 🙂 In fact with the CYM set I may be able to ditch many of my inks!

  • Cathy says:

    Lovely double page! And funnily enough, the cup looks just perfectly right on the building. It really belongs ther! 😉

  • I love brown, been using Noodler's Polar Brown. I have two Documents on order soon . . . because Noodler's black was not close to "waterproof." And getting used to a fountain pen.

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