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November 7, 2014 | 8 Comments

I thought I would give you all a sneak peak at the videos that I have just finished preparing for week 1 of my Foundations Course. Leaving it to the last moment? Noooo… 5 days to spare is plenty of float!

The whole idea behind the course is that I am putting it together the week before – I am trying to make the course as similar to my local weekly classes as I can. The videos are supplementary to the written content but still a very important part of the course. A chance for me to say hello each week and of course nothing compares with seeing someone actually producing the work.

The challenge for the first week has more been working out the software (never used imovie before) and working out which machine to use, software versions, operating systems and monitor cables etc. This sketch records the final decision – connecting my newer macbook air to my imac’s second monitor. I knew I had that second large monitor for a good reason!
Using brown ink was a strange decision for a very crisp black and grey subject wasn’t it? But I like it.

Today, I could help comparing my new job with my old one. As an architect I am used to working on fast tracked projects. The builder starts on site before everything has been fully documented – the overall plan is in place but the details evolve during the process. I used to thrive on these type of projects – hmmm… I can’t believe I just wrote that… well as long as too many problems didn’t arise.  I loved the buzz of issuing drawings and them being built the next day. Anyway… I think I am going on a tangent… but it fair to say that online sketching classes is a LOT more fun than fast tracked construction projects!

Filming myself is fun and scary at the same time. I love the feeling that you can all be looking over my shoulder … but oh! so many things can go wrong and I think I have reached a new level with my inner critic! But overall I am very pleased with the first batch of videos – and I can’t tell you how happy I am with my Sony RX100 Mk3 camera – the most incredible camera I have ever owned.

Week 1 will contain 6 short video demos – yes 6. A few more than I expected but I see week one as foundational. Hmm, the foundations of Foundations?!? (It has been a long week – hey?)

I have to admit that I get rather excited to see super macro shots of paintbrush, watercolour pigment and water doing their thing. Oh ah! how yummy is that?

The hardest video-ing is when I am talking to the camera – but I know that next’s week one will be a lot easier. I will be responding to and talking to the gang – not just a camera. And you will be able to track the state of my bookcase in the background. Yes – my sketchbook shelf desperately needs some attention!

Countdown is on … I am not quite at the stage of counting the number of sleeps… still a bit of admin to do but the content is all ready and so is my lamy pen!


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