A short stay in the Blue Mountains

December 21, 2022 | 2 Comments

I’ve been in the Blue Mountains for a few days this week (heading home tomorrow morning).

It’s been really good to breathe some fresh mountain air (11C is fresh for summer time) and to sketch the dramatic cliffs and rock formations of these mountains (hmm…technically it’s a plateau!)

I was here last year at the start of my big 2021 road trip with Chris Haldane so it’s been fun to revisit some of the same places and also to discover some new spots that I didn’t know about! 

The first mountain sketch I did when I arrived was of the famous Three Sisters from Echo Point. The weather (and lighting) was constantly changing and I was continually annoyed by flies! I made a few more tweaks to this sketch when I got out of the sun, so this photo represents what I did at the time.

I started with some coloured pencils and then added markers – this was done standing up with my sketchbook resting on the railing.

I then relocated to a step to add paint (I had left my support board and something to sit on in the car). I was able to see enough of the scene to be able to finish it.

Looking forward to sharing my sketches when I return home!


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