And the winner is...

December 23, 2022 | 8 Comments

  Teapot C – Zanzibar – but only by one vote!!!

I did the final tally last night and was amazed by how close the result was. Thanks to everyone who voted and left a comment. I really appreciate every comment!

I was actually gearing up to do Teapot A as I thought that would win, but I’ll choose it next. I don’t think there are many teacups that go with the Zanzibar pot and I don’t expect to be using it that long. So I’ll move on to Teapot A in no time!

As for the pattern… I decided that I needed to do a detailed drawing of it so that I can understand it better. And in a word the pattern is crazy! It uses lots of different colours and the spacing of the different elements is rather inconsistent. Also, most of the edges are fuzzy. Of course, when I paint the teapot in watercolour I will simplify – doing this study will help that.

A short article today as there is a lot going on for me at the moment… so just want to finish by wishing you all a wonderful holiday season however you spend it. Happy Holidays!


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