Bits and pieces....and a new yellow teapot

May 10, 2014 | 2 Comments

Two exploratory sketches of a new teapot I got last month…. never got around to scanning till now. Fun to sketch but I prefer tea cups!

By the way, if you are worried about the ‘rejected’ comment it is not the sketch or the teapot as such… but a ‘fit for purpose’ reason… for something very specific.

I really shouldn’t post pages with silly notes like that should I????

A totally random page from yesterday… recording a few things. It is these pages that often are the most interesting years down the track… the small things that make up a day… not sure how the cup of tea appeared!? (just for the record this current sketchbook has fewer than normal – been sketching cups for other reasons and people lately!)

even though a busy day I still try to take a few moments to do a quick sketch… and well, when I am stuck in a carpark for 15 minutes of course I pull out my sketchbook!

And I have a new toy… which means more work to set up. I need a more modern laptop when I am travelling- one that syncs with my stuff on my main machine and that I can do all the serious work I do normally (ipads are just not the same! I can’t survive on them )… I realise that I am still the tech-head I used to be… got fairly up-to-date devices all over now.


  • Love the teapot and love when you sketch the teacups too! Now I'm dying to figure out the purpose for which you rejected this beautiful pot! Congratulations on the news story, Liz!

  • These are SO pretty! I admire the way you capture the charm of each item, and the way you apply the shadows and highlights. Regardless of the teapot's unfulfilled purpose in your home… I think it served a very good purpose as a subject for your paintings! The colors and pattern are so appealing! It's intriguing to me that you use the word "sketch" for your paintings.Could you post your thought process about that sometime? I'm really curious about how other artists categorize their own work when somebody asks them about what they do. I struggle with that myself all the time. Glad to hear that you prefer the computer to the ipad… me too!

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