Beyond the sketchbook....

June 30, 2014 | 13 Comments

A little sketch that I did a number of years ago of Milan Cathedral was used on the promotional material for the EHSG Conference in Milan.  3,000 participants and over 130 exhibitors attended the – European Human Genetics Gconference and my sketch was even used for an app!

It is great that something that I just did for myself in my sketchbook one evening had a much bigger future in store! (instead of my usual ‘Friday night baroque’ sketching –  this was a Saturday night gothic)

I have had so many things going on lately that I forgot to look out for this one… but something else that came up this morning made me think of it

So… this morning I was informed that a sketch of mine appeared  on the timeline of my favourite radio station. ABC Classic FM.
This is my watercolour painting of Albert Hall Launceston that I did last month when I was in Tasmania…and they found it somehow – Google? Instagram?

I am becoming more and more convinced of two things
– obsessive blogging leads to good google ratings … and ….
– the power of the hashtag

And … while I am talking about work outside my sketchbook- here is a sketch I did last week on a loose sheet of paper to give as a gift to a friend…. I am more and more doing sketches for others and love it.  I hope to have work available for more people soon!

And… that reminds me of how much I love blogging – how much I love sharing my work with others – recording where I am and what I am doing – engaging with my local community and connecting with people all over the world.

And… how much I appreciate all the people that come regularly to this blog to check on my crazy ramblings and sketches. I know most of you never comment… but I know that you are there – so thank you!!!! 

Thank you for following and encouraging me by your hits!!

I am in the process of working on my BIG PLAN…  finally updating my blog with plans for more features to it AND (the final ‘and’ for this post I promise) seriously  preparing my very own online classes…. I can’t wait to be able to share more…. so stay tuned!


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