Austin Part 2: Sketching around the Seanwes community

October 27, 2017 | Leave your thoughts

I took notes and sketched my way through the seanwes conference (see this article) but I also sketched other times during the days – mainly during meals.



A coffee sketch while hanging out with a group of the seanwes community as warmup

And then I started sketching my friends! See this article for more about how this week in Austin was a huge breakthrough for me in terms of sketching people.

cafe view…

and then more cafe sketching.

Finished page


I’m so thankful that the guys were so supportive of my sketching.

We were in the cafe so long that I had a second order!

The cafe logo and view out of the window.

here is the full spread.

Then a bunch of us went to lunch.

As it was Co-workspace day we went able to get into We-Work for free… more chat and sketching (for me!)

I then had a meeting with a mastermind group that I’m joining (line drawing on the left records the event) and then it was dinner time!

The group was getting bigger! Fun evening!

And I enjoyed having some Texan BBQ!

A line drawing recording the textures in my hotel room.


The conference begins – see this article for more about it – including all the pages of notes and sketches I did during the talks. The rest of this article shows the sketching I did during the conference days during meals.

A crazy evening where the group kept going and I was feeling bold enough to do super quick cartoony versions of everyone.

A blurry photo taken at the time. Opposite the table, you can see Damien – whose photos I’m using in this article!


Another morning coffee to get my hand moving before the conference.

A quick sketch of a food truck at lunch.

Photo of me in action!
Back at Houndstooth for a coffee!

Full spread.

In the evening we had an event on the rooftop. I had a great catch to James Clear but sadly didn’t get a photo. Here are Cory and Kyle – two friends whose podcast- Invisible Details – I love listening to!

And then I sketched my beautiful friend Keshna.

Hard to see the colours in the blue light.

Final day – another coffee before the start of the session.

The conference finished at lunchtime and then I spent the afternoon with the gang – no sketching.

Then at sunset we headed to the bridge to see the bats come out from under the bridge.

Photo thanks to Damien.

A quick sketch of the city while talking.

Hardly any bats tonight at all
Token sketches of the few bats we saw!
Dinner (no sketching or photos) and then it was all over.

Such a wonderful time at the seanwes conference with lots of sketching during the event and in the inbetween times.

Finally thanks to everyone in the seanwes team for hosting a wonderful event (and online community!)

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