An exciting competition: Sketching work design

March 22, 2018 | 4 Comments

If you have read my Perth articles you will know that my great sketching friend Lynne Chapman is in Western Australia at the moment working as an artist in residence at UWA with a team researching workplace design. She has been sketching a great variety of workplaces and people, while a researcher has been asking questions to find out what makes a great job. Above is a photo from her visit to a shearing shed how cool is that?

It’s a very interesting project and we can all be part of it too! Lynne recently announced a competition for anyone to create a visual record of someone’s job and workplace.

The idea is to create a sketch-montage which communicates not just what the workplace looks like, but what it feels like to do the particular job. This could be your own job or someone you know. The sketchbook could cover one working day, or snippets from different days: whatever you feel best captures the one person’s experience of their job.

Feel free to be creative about how you tell the story. Your concertina might include sketches of the person and a few short quotes If you wish, you can ‘interview’ the person and include a sketch of them, but this is not essential. It will probably be useful to include a few short quotes from the person somewhere in the sketchbook, to help get across how they feel about the work (but this is not essential). And it doesn’t need to be a really unusual job – what is important is that you bring the job to life and highlight the chosen individual’s experience of it.

Full description (including details of the prizes – $1500 AUD first prize – wow!) can be found here.

I’m planning to get involved and to get myself in the mood looked through some of my old work sketches.

Oh! remember the days when I worked in an architect’s office?

My dad’s workbench.

And it was fun to revisit the chapter I wrote on “workplaces’ in the Creative Sketching Workshop book by Pete Scully. More about that here.

Here is the full size version of my old studio.

So are you going to enter? Click here for more details.



  • pbass wil says:

    I must be a weirdo – I love your… beiges! :^> lol So variegated, the grey mingling with the tawny, and blue and hints-of-something-yellow-ish peeking out.

  • Deborah Nolan says:

    Dear Liz – this is an excellent project. I had never thought about sketching the work environment. Loved seeing yours from your architect days. Hope you are having a delightful day.

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