A week of Pitt Artist Pens

August 24, 2022 | 3 Comments

Last week I only used Pitt Artist Pens in my sketchbook (along with my usual ink lines) and I totally fell in love with them!

There is something really special about the crisp hard-edged marks they make and their colour is so vibrant and transparent. I’m also loving having totally buckle-free pages with no transfer of colour (like you get with coloured pencils). I think my architectural background is a big reason why I love this form of colour so much.

These markers do have certain limitations and I haven’t worked out the best way to cover large areas and/or do skies with them. So as I put this article together I realised that there is a lot more white space than usual!

Here are my pages

Bits and pieces including recording the start of my 1kg bag of Premium Earl Grey Tea (from Tea Leaves).

Castle sketching as shared previously.

Mid-morning Village Green detail, plus a teacup and Mumbai sketch (also shared previously)

Village Green changes (renovation to begin soon?) and a little still life relating to Watercolour On Location (more details about the Live Version coming soon!)

At Lane Cove National Park but I didn’t have a lot of time. So this is as far as I got at the time.

Back home I added more to it.

Having fun doing brick texture while sketching the front door of St Albans.

Here is the finished sketch and full spread including my new pens from Larrypost as discussed in this article.

Lunch at Dee Why after my visit to Larrypost. I arrived a little early so did a really quick sketch of the beach. I could add more to this but decided to leave it as it is.

With all my Faber Castell product testing lately, I needed to purchase some more of my favourite pencil cases (Mead Five Star Pencil Pouch).

This spread includes:

– fun layering for a coffee sketch including the white Pitt pen (which is opaque)
– 5 minute colouring
– swatches while trying to reduce my set of Pitt Pens.

Tests with my new Kakimori dip pen as shared previously. I added colour to the sketch on the right and it’s very pastel. Once again I could add more layers to it and adjust the colour but I’ve decided to leave it as it is.

Village Green sketch using the new Dual Nib Pitt Pens (with a big brush tip). These are not available yet but Faber Castell Australia gave me a few samples. Although bulkier, these new Pitt Pens are even nicer than the standard ones. 🙂

Two quick sketches at Mosman before an appointment. I was particularly excited by the ‘boring’ street scene on the left. Pitt Artist Pens are perfect for this type of quick sketch.

So in summary: While there are occasions when I miss my watercolour I’m not ready to give up using the Pitt Artist Pens yet!

And finally… just a reminder ( if you are in Australia) of the Faber Castell Australia’s Colour4LIfe competition. Are you making a submission? Find out more here.


  • Liz Mulligan-Ferry says:

    Lovely post, it’s been fun watching you explore new media! I’m dying to know…what is the yellow & black mug code for?

    • Liz Steel says:

      Thanks Liz. I use that mug for home remedies when I have a sore throat. Worked like a treat last week and didn’t develop.

  • Jamie C says:

    One thing the markers really reveal is your expressive mark making! I love seeing how strokes can convey mood and texture in such different ways than watercolors magic!

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