A small world.....

March 13, 2013 | 3 Comments

I hope you have been all following Danny Gregory’s interviews withthe artists in his new book An Illustrated Journey. I am loving them all.  Imagine my surprise when I was watching the latest one with Earnest Ward and my name popped up.

I had forgotten all about this amazing ‘almost – sketch meet’

This is the photo that Earnest took of me(wearing all brown!)  and my sketching buddy Eza in Paris 2009 – “oh look there are two girls sketching” …. and then to stumble across me and my Paris sketchbooks a year later! Amazing!!!
But such a pity he didn’t interrupt us (we do look very focused – actually we were probably cold and racing against the fading light_…so hope we will meet up one day!

 Here are my sketches from that sketching session

Tuilerie Gardens and Rue De Rivoli
Here is Eza’s sketch


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