A Saturday that feels like a Saturday

October 3, 2015 | Leave your thoughts

One of the struggles with becoming self-employed and turning a hobby into your job is managing the work-life balance. It has been so busy for me in recent months (well if I am honest, not just the last few months!) that I rarely have a Saturday where I don’t plan to do work. I love my work but having more time just for me (or to spend with others!!!) is a big goal of mine at the moment.

This weekend is our October long weekend holiday, but I am flying to Tasmania on Monday to prepare for my upcoming workshop so it isn’t a long weekend for me this time. But today felt like a Saturday – it was so lovely and warm (with that wonderful feeling that summer’s coming!) and I allowed myself to have a leisurely brunch at my favourite cafe at Macquarie Centre, before doing a few chores.

I also spent the day sorting, packing and even a few rest moments. My favourite part of packing is drawing this type of page, reviewing my options… Not that I have many when summer dresses aren’t part of the equation!! It looks like I will be having a last few days of winter next week In Launceston.

And while I was going through my kit getting ready I decided it was time to take an updated photo. I will do a full listing later so … just letting you know that I won’t be able to answer your questions right now but if you follow my blog regularly there shouldn’t be any surprises. Most things are noted in my “Current Sketching Tools” page. If you are a art supplies junkie, and have not visited this page, I encourage you to do so as I regularly update it and add more details and links.

I probably won’t get a chance to blog next week but you can foolw my adventures on my Instagram account!

Ok – better get back to packing!

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