Travel Sketching Workshop in Launceston

October 9, 2015 | Leave your thoughts

I have just finished teaching a 3 day workshop on Travel Sketching down in Launceston, Tasmania. I was invited to run this workshop in association with TWOFOURTWO Boutique Apartments and it has been a wonderful experience working with them and developing a programme for three days – not only putting the art concepts together, but incorporating some highlights of this beautiful city, so that all the participants got a real sense of the place.

Launceston is a perfect city to run a workshop like this and we have had the most glorious weather this week – I couldn’t have asked for anything better! There is a lot of variety of subject matter, and lots and lots of beautiful historic buildings – something you all know that I love!

It was a really lovely group and we had a lot of fun – both during the ‘working’ hours of the workshop and hanging out/having dinners together etc. It’s the first time I’ve run a workshop in the context of travel  – all participants were ‘mainlanders’ and the workshop was a holiday (vacation) for them – and this really added something special. This is an aspect that makes the Urban Sketchers Symposiums (should that be Symposia?) unique – that we are all in a new place exploring and sketching together – and it was wonderful to have this feeling  in one of my own workshops.

I will do a full report later, but here are a few images from the workshop and the two days preparation I had earlier in the week.
I always find it so inspiring to see everyone’s personal interpretation of a scene… and having 3 days with the same group really enhanced this experience!

A huge thank you to the TWOFOURTWO team and the wonderful gang that did the workshop –  I had a ball!

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