A day in Fort Worth with USK DFW (including the Kimbell Museum)

October 31, 2017 | Leave your thoughts

A really special day with the DFW Urban Sketchers group organised by Herb.

Started the day with a coffee and a new sketchbook. Only two days left to my trip – how much of this small sketchbook (approx A5) will I use?

I was to be picked up by Herb and his son Steve, so I did a sketch from my room to fill in time…

and then one down on the street.

Fort Worth

I was SO excited about our destination – The Kimbell Art Museum by Louis Kahn.

There are no words to describe how beautiful this building is.

And it felt a little overwhelming to sketch it.

The interior spaces are just wow wow wow!

I have been a fan of Kahn and this building for years, so it was a dream come true to be here.

Such a lovely time with the group too and a little excitement getting attacked by fire ants.

Then a lot of us went for lunch and aimed with my recent boldness from the seanwes conference I decided to sketch everyone.


So much fun….

And then I tried to document my yummy food.

Aaron Dowd, one of the guys I met at the conference in Austin, lives just up the road and so decided to join us for lunch.

Then we went to the Fort Worth Stock Yards for a real Texas feel.

Lots to sketch here…

… and I was in a non-stop mood!

A bit crazy to try and capture the longhorn cattle drive which only lasted a few seconds.

Really fun!

And then it was time for the throwdown. It was such a wonderful day and what a lovely group of sketchers.


Thanks to Steve and Herb for looking after me!

Back in Dallas and still sketching – a lovely Japanese meal.

What a big day of sketching hey?

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