A change in direction

April 11, 2014 | 1 Comment

  (just when you think I am heading a certain direction I completely change – ha! fun fun fun!)

This afternoon’s sketch….
I have suddenly become very inspired by the dull boring buildings in the back lane where I park when I go to the gym!

And then tonight…. out goes the paint and in comes the watercolour pencils…I blame this on Sketchbook Skool!
I am not a very good student… always doing my own thing….week 1 sketchbook skool the assignment was to document the week using pen sketches with no pencil… well I threw out the pen as well. Week 2 is realistic coloured pencils and tonight I am going crazy with quick loose bold watercolour pencils.
I have always loved watercolour pencils but prefer to use them in association with watercolour paint… so the coming week I am going to work out a way of using them on their own that works for me. Of course I am constantly inspired by my great friend Alissa Duke who is well and truly queen of the the watercolour pencil!

1 Comment

  • You inspired me yesterday, Liz. I actually did a teeny sketch in my sketchbook! Thank you for that. I always love your pages, these included. The shoes are a cool idea. Have to agree with you on the shoe type "not quite doing it for" you. I couldn't wear those either. Feet way too sensitive.

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