A big day at Cockatoo Island

April 14, 2012 | 1 Comment

120414 My Sketching at Cockatoo Island today
Did way too much sketching today! Here is the day in full (including the sketch I dislike very much!) But apart from that one – I am very happy with what I managed to do today. I had all kinds of plans of what I was going to sketch but someone … when I am on location I just sketch what I feel compelled to sketch!
120414_01 Waiting for the ferry
I took my dad to Cockatoo Island today (his first visit) He loves taking photos so had a great time. (Aside: I would love to go there with my camera and no sketchbook one day…somehow I don’t think that that is possible!)

Anyway, I was free to sketch and sketch and sketch on my own. Here is a collection of photos that he took of me today.
Cockatoo Island is my favourite place in Sydney – there is SO much there to see, explore and sketch that it is a bit overwhelming. This is the second time there this week!!!
Those that have seen the wonderful sketches of Alissa and Wendy and Annie in the last week might recognise a few of these views

Also, I must mention that next Saturday – 21st April is another International Sketchcrawl day and we are heading back to Cockatoo Island – we would love to have you join us if you can!!!

Warning this is going to be a LONG post!
120414_01 Waiting for the ferry
120414_01 Cockatoo Is Ferry Waiting

Waiting for the ferry – ferry travel in Sydney is hard to beat!!!
Back at cockatoo island.
120414_02 Cockatoo Is Drawing Office Front

I spent most of my time around the drawing off ice today- this was a warmup sketch
120414_02 Drawing Office Front
This is me sketching that sketch

120414_03 Cockatoo Is_Drawing Office Details
Details of the Drawing Office

120414_04 Cockatoo Is_Drawing Office Rear up
The rear of the drawing office – looking up and distorting the view. Drawing with multiple lines
120414_03 Drawing Office Back

And photos of me doing that….
120414_04 Drawing Office Back(what to do next?)

120414_05 Cockatoo Is_Drawing Office Rear
Another view of the rear of the drawing office – with minimum lines- open corners if I could. And simple colour…but you can read that in the my notes!

120414_05 Lunch
Sketching at lunch of course!

120414_06 Industrial Precinct 1
Industrial precinct….
120414_09 Cockatoo Is_Tool Room
120414_08 Cockatoo Is_One of the big cranes
120414_07 Industrial Precinct 2
This is where we were on Monday
120414_10 Cockatoo Is_Wee Infill Building

Ok… thats enough. Time to chill for the rest of the evening!

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