Having fun with linework

April 13, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

After the fun I had last night with continuous linework to fudge the bases of columns I thought I would try 4 different line styles on the same image. Perhaps not the best image but my book on the Classical Orders just so happened to be handy!

I use multiple lines when I am designing – sketching what is in my head. Somehow the reinstatement of the line helps the thought process.
And of course I cross my corners like a good little architect all the time – so open corners was a struggle for me. I have a saying, which is probably quite wrong….

But anyway… When people say “I can’t draw a straight line” I reply that there is no need to just define your corners! Just for the record my lines are notoriously crooked for an architect… Something that the man I have worked with for the last 17 years will most decidedly affirm!

And then… guess, what… I couldn’t resist adding COLOUR! (Oh Liz!!) Anyway- it is now an interesting exercise on how much adding colour hides or enhances linework!

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