38th Chatcrawl today....

January 19, 2013 | 3 Comments

…oops I meant sketchcrawl!!!

But honestly when over 50 sketchers turn up most of whom you are meeting for the first time…it is hard not to chat more than sketch.

We had over 50 sketchers turn up at the Botanic Gardens (thanks to Sydney Sketch Club!) and a great day meeting new people. What a crowd – very very exciting. We had 46C yesterday (the hottest day on record) but today was lovely and cool and the isolated showers forecasted did not bother us all morning.

I am also very happy at how suitable my ‘new style’ is for this kind of occasion when I spend most of the time chatting. Using a water-soluble pencil(Derwent Sketching 4B) and splashing on paint very loose and wet and then more pencil or watercolour pencil really is perfect for me in this hyperactive very social state where sitting down and focusing on a sketch was just too hard today.


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