30x30 2022: Finishing the month strong!

July 1, 2022 | 2 Comments

After deciding to abandon the 30×30 Direct Watercolour Challenge  mid-month, this week I felt like doing another push. And so at the end of June, I’m happy to let you all know that I’ve completed 20 Baroque buildings and 10 teacups!

To achieve this I had to do 7 teacups in 4 days (during my morning and afternoon tea break) so these are probably the loosest teacup sketches I’ve done for a long time!

I’m really glad that I continued doing my series because there was a part of Baroque Sketch No. 18  that I really liked…

and this led to using a slightly different technique for No. 19 with a result that I’m really excited about. (Note: Also in this sketch, I was using Aquarius Potter’s Pink which I’m loving!)

The final Baroque sketches in full

17. SS Vincenzo e Anastasio

18. S. Maria Della Pace

19. S Maria in Campitelli

20. S. Maria Madalena in a wild colour scheme!

As for teacups…

I started the final push with a few difficult patterns and then decided that if I was going to fulfill my quota I would have to pick easier ones.


A few double page spreads

As you can see in these pages I abandoned the architectural studies of the last four Baroque buildings, but I still looked up each one in my architectural books and wrote a few notes/quotes down.

The Collections

And just to finish here are the direct watercolour sketches done this month in two images…

20 Baroque Rome buildings

10 teacups.

As always it was so good to do this challenge and it’s given me a few ideas to explore further in the future.

If you did the challenge, I hope that you got a lot out of doing 30 direct watercolour sketches during June.


  • It’s always great to see the work laid out, It’s so impressive as a collection. There’s something about all the variations on the theme that’s mesmerizing. It makes it better than each individual one 🙂 Also – Lovely to see the patterns in the china. It’s a terrific abstraction to see the geometric designs redrawn wrapping around he cups and saucers!

  • David Campbell says:

    I agree you created a great collection here, but you made something special with the Santa Maria in Campitelli. It’s fantastic, I can’t stop looking at it

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