My new palette revealed!

October 31, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

well, here it is… my ‘minimal’ palette (5 plus a few extras… well less than 12 anyway) I am too lazy to do a formal mixing grid… instead, I mixed the colours in my palette that I would expect to do… so this grid explains why I chose certain colours (why I can’t live without them in my palette) Please feel free to ask any ‘but why?” questions… and yes, including Potters Pink in this selection is decidedly odd… but that colour is SO useful for creating muted granulating colours that are still nice and juicy with plenty of pigment (ie. not watered down washes!) and of course great for clotted cream(ah ha! the ‘real’ reason has just come out!?!?)
BTW, I would not necessarily recommend anyone go out and copy my palette as is… it is certainly not a standard selection!


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