More MOO cards

June 4, 2012 | 3 Comments

I love getting boxes from Moo – not only do they make my sketches look good but everything about the box and packaging is perfect.

I have just about used up the last batch that I got this time last year, and I need to get ready for the symposium and the serious card swap. This order I got some mini cards which I love. As most of my cards are given to people on the streets (complete strangers who I don’t really want to give my mobile number to) these minicards will be perfect.(BTW- I have hacked the number on the above image…so please don’t call it!!!) I also like to fun of finding sketches to fit the format.

Didn’t really do anything inventive with the big cards so mainly previous images (running out of time a little to get the order in) – next order I will try some more new images…. And I really need to start drawing Borromini Bear more so he appears on them!

Anyway… I have plenty for anyone at Sto Dgo who wants one!


  • I'd love to take one off your hands, if I can get to my plane to get there. But I am fairly certain ill be in santo domingo so save me one for when we meet 🙂

    Also sorry I didn't take your workshop, it was such a hard decision of which ones to take, but I'd love to meet up with you before, after, or sometime within the symposium and still possibly pick up some tips or advice if thats alright with you.

    Well let me know and they all look great! Where'd you get em?


  • Liz Steel says:

    thanks Ben – yes, I will have a card for you. No worries about not taking my workshop – I KNOW how had it is. Make sure you do catch up with me – I will be around before and afterwards and then there is always the sketchcrawl on Sat afternoon.
    Hope you make it!

  • Sounds great Liz, if I may call you that?
    Still curious as to where you got your cards from though, I'd love to get some so that we can trade rather then me simply take one, also would be nice to have like you said to hand out when I'm sketching to help advertise my blog, work, and myself 🙂 it's genius!

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