Diet roast dinner (and how I sketch and eat)

May 31, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Well, wasn’t quite up for a full day of my food diary today… but I did do dinner. Using a dark brown derwent artist coloured pencil today… hmmm, this has potential as an alternative to a graphite pencil!

It is VERY important to me to be able to develop sketching techniques that allow me to still eat my food while it is hot. So here is how I do it. (btw, silly photo of me in action … this was very hard as I was worried about spilling my soup!)

I have the advantage of being left handed with a brush and pen but use my fork in the right hand. So….

I normally draw a quick outline, and then if I need to cut my food up into bite size so I can eat my meal with a fork in my right hand.
If there is no need for me to leading the conversation during the meal, I will start painting while I am still eating – starting with significant colour first ie. in a stir fry I pick out the yellows or reds. If I am really hungry and/or talking this is all that I do before consuming the full meal. The rest I do from memory when I am finished my meal (but still sitting at the table)
When out with friends. I often take a reference photo (just in case) but I will always do the outline at the time.
Sketching when out with friends for Thai or somewhere that we have shared main courses is more challenging… I never make them wait …but draw whatever I can and rely on memory.

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