A new blurb book coming soon

June 1, 2012 | 2 Comments

Sorry about the blurry photo… (I didn’t look at the iphone photo carefully before sending it straight here!)

Just to let you know that I am about to release a new blurb book. This time is it simply a copy of one of my sketchbooks from my big 11 week trip in 2010.

A week in Venice with my best sketching buddy (and very special friend too!) Eza. A few people have or about to receive a first edition (and in fact there are one or two people that got a copy of the trial run as well which didn’t have this fancy cover- but contents was the same). See here for a copy of my book in Spain.

This book is using the new-ish Blurb coloured trade paper. It is perfect for me as the size is very similar to my sketchbook … So this book is very much like flicking through the original… It includes EVERY page of my sketchbook so it includes the ones I am not so crazy about and all my silly comments (some of which do not make sense…)

Anyway- stay tuned and I will send you the link when it hits my blurb bookstore officially.


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