Starting a Food Diary again!

May 30, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Most of you know that I love to draw my food (not just my cups of tea and scones/cakes!) but some of you might not know that 4 years ago I drew everything that I ate for an entire month.
As part of a maintenance program after a serious weight loss diet, I was supposed to keep a written food diary. I thought that that was too tedious so I decided to draw and paint it instead.  The original food diary is here

I am totally convinced of the power of sketching – drawing what you eat is a great way to eat less… as all your time is taken up with drawing… A SKETCHING DIET!!!! (of course I must clarify that sketching has a limited sphere of power!?! but who would have thought it could help you lose weight!)

Anyway, with all the experimental stuff and extra things I have been doing lately, my normal sketchbook has been somewhat neglected (ie. I am not drawing in it every day!) so I thought I would try a few days of food sketching. You can see the experiments continue of this page… Mixing up how I drew my food/drinks during the day. I never sketch totally after the event so these have to be done very quickly even during my work day (a quick outline only takes a few seconds, a swipe of paint a few more while waiting for a file to open…etc) Sadly I didn’t make it through the day today (ie. Too busy to draw dinner) but maybe tomorrow I will be more diligent! I have also forgotten how to maintain the same scale throughout the day!

It is only 5 weeks till I go overseas again… So I am thinking that I might start doing some trip prep experimentation relating to sketching food … I am not sure how I will do this… It is a vague idea in the back of my head! It has to do with mixing up of different styles on the one page….

I am not sure that this page has quite achieved what I had in mind… But hey, I love having fun and trying different things in my sketchbook….

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