Mixing Homework

April 5, 2012 | 1 Comment

I don’t like separate sketchbooks as a rule…but I LOVE having a special colour sketchbook to record my colour explorations. It has been really helpful to be easily able to find previous experiments and also having no pressure to make it into a beautiful page (which of course I kinda have in my daily sketchbook – ok..I admit it!)

Anyway, here are my follow up mixes from my failure in T2 last night to mix a nice red. In the end, I realised that my lemon yellow was wrong… That with a different yellow Py3 I am able to mix a red with W&N Permanent Rose PV19. (BTW, if you don’t know DS refers to Daniel Smith). To get an orange New Gamboge PY158 seems to be working ok – or with the same PY3 and PV19 mix with more yellow.

In the end, I might have to split one of my full pans into two half pans if this mixing proves too hard to achieve consistently…but I am SURE loving the full pans and the challenge of working with less colours.

1 Comment

  • I'm enjoying your experiments with colour mixing. And I only use 2 reds – permanent rose and cadmium red – so I was delighted to see you use P Rose too and how you mix with it.

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