Easter sketching....

April 9, 2012 | 2 Comments

oops- haven’t posted to my blog all easter. So here is what I got up to.

Friday- family day at home
120406 Hot Cross Bun
120406 Family BBQ
The fact that I even attempted this sketch is an acheivement for me!

A quiet/family day (the family part was definitely NOT quiet!!!)…lots of fun and a few very quick sketches!

120407 Sketching in Town
Had a lovely morning in the city sketching today with Alissa. Lots of great thoughts about sketching architecture were bounced around after we have had our morning tea and scones. Sadly my actual sketching didn’t turn out quite as I hoped. Here are my 4 non-tearoom sketches from today…they don’t look as bad when they are so small. (I will not bother uploading the tea, scones, tea cosy sketch!) I enjoy talking about architecture sketching but am increasingly finding sketching buildings in Sydney a little boring (no Baroque buildings, no Italian piazzas) just lots of Victorian Architecture… big & blocky with little variation in wall planes facing busy streets… and very little exciting public spaces.
120407_06 Faces faces faces as fast as I can
Some practicing faces, faces faces as fast as I can

Today, Monday:
120409_02 Cockatoo 1
Cockatoo Island
An absolutely AMAZING blue skied sunny crisp autumn day (as good as we had in summer)- so lovely to be sketching on Cockatoo Island with friends and sitting in the sun.

120409_03 Cockatoo 2

The bright intense Australian sun certainly seemed to affect my painting… Subtle is definitely out of my reach today(even more than normal… Subtle Liz I don’t think ever exists!!!) and I was too heavy handed with the pigment. It does seem to happen a lot to me when I sit in the sun– I am getting increasingly frustrated with not being able to mix the amazing warm light I am seeing in the dark shadows from our bright sun.

120409_04 Cockatoo 3

It would be good to have another go at these views….

120409_05 Cockatoo 4

Back to work tomorrow….


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