Palladio and a Spanish Teapot

January 19, 2012 | 1 Comment

I have just started this evening on a new adventure with food (that is a positive way of describing it) and the feeling that I was hungry this evening must of been just in my mind … So I indulged! However, in line with my goal of not doing meaningless sketches…

This page does record random trivia from today. I tried to fit my standard tea cosy on my my teapot from Cris and with a degree of difficulty and some distortion it did indeed go on…so naturally I had to record the event since I am not sure my cosy will allow me to do it again!

The Palladio sketch was the result of my noticing a neglected book in my library – my new cozy corner I created during my break now means that a shelf that contained less referred to books is now very handy.

Just for the record… I did NOT use guidelines for the text down the left hand side… I know I really didn’t need to tell you all that… But hey! I have been thinking all week at work that I SHOULD use guidelines like a good architect always should, when doing free hand sketches to issue to the building team as I have been unhappy with some lettering this week. So it was nice that these came out nice and uniform tonight!

1 Comment

  • hfm says:

    Liz, I do like your sketches and words with guidelines or without them. I think there are no rules on a journal and that we must try it all.

    Thanks for sharing.

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