110613 Queens Birthday Weekend Monday

June 13, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

A quiet day for me…
110613_01 Queens Bday T2
A bit of shopping and a quick visit to T2- sitting in the dark corner and rushing the sketching. Not been at all happy with my recent T2 sketching…what is going on??? But at least I am working my way through their list of teas – probably only about 80 odd to go now!
110613_02 Queens Bday Shelley China
A busy afternoon with a visit from my nephews and when they left I felt like sketching some Shelley china…but not sure why my trench is such a strange shape…
110613_03 Queens Bday Post Dinner Disaster
Dinner – back to sketching my food and then a disaster just when I start to really get into the groove… my plastic invisible zipper foot in pieces – maybe I should get the special Bernina foot…

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