A non sketching day?

February 7, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Saturday was the first Saturday this year that I haven’t specifically gone out to sketch. It was a day dedicated to spending quality time with a very special friend who has just moved to Sydney! So sketching wasn’t a priority… but I still did a few pages of sketches.

I managed a quick reflex sketch while having a good chat at T2 for afternoon tea. While it can seem a bit rude to sketch while a friend is talking to you…in fact I find it is a wonderful way to remember the conversation.

If I ask my friends to tell me all about something, I sketch (nothing that I really have to concentrate on) and listen at the same time and then that conversation is recorded forever in my sketchbook – every time I look at the sketch I remember the conversation. It is amazing how many of my sketches are coded in this way ( a secret code that no one can ever crack!!!)

At dinner I was able to sketch as well (though I didn’t do the Garlic Chicken dish) so my non-sketching day produced 3 double page spreads without me making much of an effort… if you do it often enough it becomes a habit and your friends get used to it! (though I have to admit that I do have very special and patient friends!!!)

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