Australian String Quartet Concert

May 28, 2010 | 2 Comments

I might go out sketching on my own – or travel solo but going out to a concert on my own is not something I have done before. But I was given a free ticket for a concert last night.(Thanks Jenny- I REALLY enjoyed it!!!)

To make the evening more interesting I parked my car at Milsons Point on the northside of the harbour and walked across the harbour bridge to get to Angel Place and then back again- did it all exactly within my 4 hour parking restriction and walked approx 6km. Lovely mild evening and the ever changing lights on the Opera House (part of a special Light festival) made the walk even more interesting. REALLY quick sketch on the bridge on my way over.

I got to the Recital Hall early to do a careful sketch of the interior – but the seat next to me was occupied by an artist – and a watercolour portrait artist (even better!) – so I chatted instead…which is really far better. Dee’s work is great and can be seen here

I am so out of practice of drawing people but at the same time was more interested in trying to capture the movement of the bow and string instruments in making the music – so here are all my loose sketches – I sketched nearly all the time.

I really should do this more often!!! Running out of pages in my book and also I freeze up a bit when I do these type of sketches in my book – so did a lot on loose paper and a few in the back page. I then had some collage to do when I got home!


  • Talk about 6 degrees of separation!!! When you mentioned 'Dee' and watercolour in one breath, I instinctively knew who it would be! She was doing watercolours at Mittagong when I did the workshop with Loani on tea cosies. Dee and I used to sit together at meal breaks, and now correspond quite regularly! We share birthdays, and knew people in common.
    I had actually sent her a link to the 'Urban Sketchers' blog.
    I shouldn't be amazed at how the world works, but I am!!

  • Robyn says:

    Liz, You managed to get enough of the hall to make a very satisifying sketch. Had I discovered a artist sitting next to me, I'd have frozen and put away my pen immediately. Great achievement sketching the whole concert. I can almost hear the music. Brava on the 6km walk too.

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