100413 What I ate today

April 13, 2010 | 2 Comments

Back in June 2007 I kept a visual food diary of everything I ate for a month as part of a maintenance programme – many of you followed my rather repetitious eating habits back then.
100413 What I ate today
Well, at the moment I want to lose a few kilos – so the best way is definitely to draw my food – not only does make me keep track of it, but if I draw everything I eat, I eat less since the drawing and painting slows me down. I know I sketch my food a lot but it is quite a different thing to have to document everything in a day.I am not going to do this every day… but even today’s exercise has been helpful for me.
The weird numbering and notes are my calculations of Carb Servings (1 serve = 15 g and I am trying to restrict myself to 14 serves max a day!)
BTW, yes I got out to the rest park again today as well….


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