A new idea, a gym bag and being thankful

March 1, 2010 | 4 Comments


I love that way Elizabeth Perry describes each day with a small sketch of one object with lots of beautiful white space… And I have been thinking about the “sketch a day to describe something in the day” idea for a few weeks. So I have decided to give it a go…

Now I am not going to achieve her beautiful white space as I love words too much and I use up my sketchbooks too quickly anyway but I do expect some days to have a lot less text than today. But sometimes there is a lovely relationship between trivial events in my life and these are the things that I just love re-reading in years to come.

BTW – yes, this is another red accessory in my life – one that I have had for years – maybe it was the start of the collection.

BTW2 – It is my summer gym bag because it is so wee – you can see that I can’t even fit my mount franklin bottle in properly!

Instead of recording all my daily bible verses on the one spread for a week (which I normally don’t post), I will now have them more spread out through the week scattered with the rest of my life – which is how I want to live my life – with precious words in my head! Now Psalm 66 doesn’t really have anything to do with a gym bag BUT it is an answer to prayer that today for the first time in weeks I did not have a headache on a Monday and was therefore about to make it to the gym. I am also remembering an amazing trip to Spain I was privileged to have had with my brother in 2003. But of course these are just little things….the text is about far deeper issues.


If I have to do a sketch a day- get ready for lots of food and cups/pot sketches if I don’t have anything else to sketch. But I promise to try to find some different objects!?!

Trying to do the public declaration trick in order to keep me honest about a diet resolution.

It is unusual for me to work one a single page… so trying to loosely tie the two pages together in one spread is a nice challenge.


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