ANZAC Day: Local Memorials and my nephew's party

April 26, 2009 | 1 Comment

Anzac Day is Australia’s national war memorial day… One day I would like to get up for the dawn service..but it ain’t going happen if I stay up late sketching! So when I saw in our local paper what was planned at a park in my suburb(in Sydney), I decided on a little adventure after breakfast – only had an hour so quick sketches… But certainly a nice thing to do!

Here is a photo I took from my iphone of myself sketching this morning ­
sitting on my stool in the sun. I am somewhat amazed that holding my phone in the air above my shoulder actually produced a reasonable photo!


The rest of the day was spent at my brother’s place celebrating my nephew’s 2nd birthday with the immediate families. A lovely day, and I was able to sketch while we all sat around in the backyard on a warm sunny autumn afternoon. The birthday boy came up and when he saw my sketches, picked up is new present, the ‘boy doll’ and said “same!”.

1 Comment

  • freebird says:

    That was great getting to see how you work in your book. Your quick sketches allways come out nice. I never seem to get my book out when gathered with family but then, I am usually cooking or doing dishes – it doesn’t seem to matter at whoevers house we are at. I think a book of birthdays would be a super gift at a coming-of-age birthday.

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