Australia Day at Fagan Park

January 26, 2009 | 2 Comments


Australia Day – a morning sketching in a park on the outskirts of Sydney with its own historic homestead and farming displays.

A lovely relaxing morning – it was especially nice to sit in a shady arbour and sketch Netherby Homestead.

Morning Tea would not have won any catering awards but it was delightfully ‘old style country Australian’ like you would get from your grandmother. The men and women(mainly retired) that run the show added to a lovely experience.

Also part of the park is a garden of many nations… We really didn’t want to spend the whole day here so I thought I didn’t really have time to sketch…but I couldn’t resist!

I was sketching at total panic rate here….trying to keep up with my companion who was taking photos.
Now I am back home to watch the cricket for the rest of the day.


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