Friday night sketching: Brussels Town Hall (and Gouda too!)

January 30, 2009 | 1 Comment

Another building in my 101 series – this one was really way to hard for my to do justice to on a Friday night, after a busy few days at work, while half watching tennis and listening to cricket – at the same time!

Special thanks to Gerard Michel who kindly sent me some information on this amazing building.

A few details – I need to develop a technique for drawing quick but accurate plans for on-location occasions.

And then Maarten on Flickr suggested I sketch Gouda Town Hall too. And I did – straight away!

1 Comment

  • freebird says:

    Hi Liz. Are you okay? We hear about the fires and I wonder if you are in that area. Hoping you are not in the midst of that disaster. I’ve had lots of family having to evacuate from California fires and my uncle lost his home but this fire we hear, is the worst ever. Best of luck to you.

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