Short Holiday to Port Macquarie

January 10, 2009 | 1 Comment

Been away again for a few days – another girlie holiday with some relative visits as well (my grandma)

Went with my friends cousin’s family of 3 boys to Timbertown a heritage place – while the boys were on the train I started drawing…

A bit of collage/ scrapbooking here…. the timber cottage sketch is below (I just had to include a print out of the photo from our first visit!)

Yes, it was a real girlie holiday – we do lots of talking over food which gives me plenty of sketching opportunities. If you are wondering, yes that is my pot and cosy – I know that I am a real tea-nutter taking my pot (and cosy) on holiday with me!

Dinner… it is a tradition that we have thai one night – pity that Port Macquarie’s thai is not quite as good as it is in Sydney!

Lunch the next day- I didn’t draw my food (must have been REALLY hungry!) but did draw the view. The old art deco movie theaters which now has McDonalds at street level.

Ok – coffee and cake – how could I resist?

An amazing dinner – we had so much fun either sketching or photographing the food which was sensational

All waiters/waitresses and everyone in the kitchen were shown my book so i thought they ought to sign it!
Great place to eat if you are in Port Macquarie!

We talked about my next visit with the staff on leaving – I will get the best looking meal – whether I feel like it or not. Chilli crab was suggested – mmm I think I would feel like that! Plus the special Apprentice chefs chocolate constructions for dessert!

I think this says it all!

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