090105 Berry Trip - Part 2

January 5, 2009 | 1 Comment

The final pages from our trip
090102 Car and Waterfall Sketches
A few super quick sketches I did either sitting in the back seat of the car or walking along the west rim at Fitzroy Falls
090103 Our Room
The architect in me can’t resist doing plans. This is hopelessly out of scale and I have probably been a little kind on the number of bags and items on the floor – we came prepared for everything!
090103 Blind Contour on the Beach
Not confident to try to draw my friends so a blind contour with my pentel pocket brush pen (not the easiest pen to use for blind contours!)
090103 Kiama 01
Another super quick sketch
090103 Kiama 02
And finally a quick sketch to fill in waiting time – sketching is just the BEST thing to do when waiting

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