Berry Holiday - Part 1

January 3, 2009 | 4 Comments

Have just got back from a three day girls’ holiday with 5 friends. Was a good test of my commitment to sketching…but I managed to fill in a few pages. Mixed bag though due to a few headaches, lots of distraction and not much time.

First morning at breakfast… (BTW as the general rule I tried on this trip to use a proper sable brush with a water container rather than a waterbrush)

Why do I sometimes feel like chocolate when I have a headache? I tried sketching as a distraction from my distress as well!

We were amused by the prices of the ‘extra items’ and thankful that our room seemed to have the ipod docking station/clock radio – what a bonus! Went out for a late dinner – I really couldn’t see much when I added the loose paint.

Another breakfast sketch – it is an interesting experience sketching before the brain is fully woken up!

Is the fact that I am recording this as a journal record a good excuse for drawing the column in this sketch – I think my brain wasn’t fully functioning yet – but it is an accurate representation of the view I had!

I am trying to draw people and events more often….

I was too hungry at lunch to draw my food – so I drew the state of the table at the end of the meal instead. BTW I got my friends to do a few “wreck this Journal’ pages to a little pocket moleskine cahier notebook I have – this was lots of fun and gave them something to do while I sketched!


  • quirkyartist says:

    I was only thinking about you drawing your food yesterday. I was thinking that I am ALWAYS too hungry. Hope to see you at the next sketchcrawl in a week or so.

  • Rob Carey says:

    These are all very fun- sorry about the headache- boy can I relate to that, trying to sketch with one isn’t easy. Happy new year!

  • One of my all time favourite shops in Berry. Sew and Tell. It has every needlecraft item in the whole world and is always extremely well stocked regardless of the time of year. And of course, great wool and knitting books etc. I’d go back to Berry just for that shop. Sorry. It is ALWAYS about wool. Always. Oh and to see the sign over the motel – Berry Berry Happy Inn 🙂

  • Keron Lee says:

    love the sketches Liz – the one that ‘speaks’ to me is the one at the top with the red bucket chairs – luv ’em. great work. hugs x Keron

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