A rainy Saturday in the museum and T2

February 6, 2010 | 1 Comment


A lovely morning with Alissa and Wendy on a really rainy Saturday.

I am ‘out of my comfort zone’ drawing animals and so this is training for my next visit to the zoo! BTW am reading a Jack Hamm book on drawing animals which is great!

We spend our time in the Search and Discover room – where you can touch everything. We sit at a bench and go and choose an animal we like, bring it back to the table and sketch from what ever angle we want – perfect!

Trying an ambitious interior – while chatting away….time to head home…

Do you know this place?

I am determined to push myself this year and attempt difficult subjects. This is best view of the T2 tearoom – it is very hard to sketch accurately because it is dark and moody and this doesn’t normally come out in my sketches as I omit the black and dark shadows most of the time.

So is this completely different from my normal t2 sketches?

I love the ‘rooms’ that are created by the big black columns and the blinds. There are great abstract prints on the wall with chinese writing over the top. The mezzanine on the right side of the sketch unfortunately uses red light bulbs and I can’t stand sitting up there – although it has a good view.

Even though I am sitting for a while sketching the view (there are still so many things that I could sketch – and this is not including the people!?!) but sketching my cup and pot and cake is part of the experience and part of the chill out- slow down charm of the place for me.

All the tables in the place are black except the red one that I drew in the previous view so I thought I should add the black to give a more accurate impression of what it really looks like.

My remains of the day class has had a big impact on me – I love adding patterned paper (am thinking of carrying some strips in the back of my book for on site application) and am now in love with security envelopes and making pockets with them. Now if only it was easy to sew them in place in a bound book!?

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  • Lesley says:

    I love your drawings – this is something I really need to try and have a go at… I'm still not used to sitting in totally public places!!! Great work!

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